Posted by: Motivatorman | February 4, 2008

Introduction To This Uplifting Motivational Tool

Motivational Music CD

Activate your imagination!

Written, arranged and composed by
Emmanuel Lopez-Motivatorman
Author, Motivational Speaker & Movie Blogger

The Rain of Angels CD is like a movie soundtrack for when times are tough and life is getting you down. I created these songs to lift myself up during times of depression while having the vision that they would also comfort others going through difficult times. This album’s music, colourful art and thought provoking concepts are here to activate your imagination and inspire you to increase your indestructible optimism.

Music has the ability to trigger deep emotional responses as well as transport you to your past or future. Listen to the songs and instrumentals on this album and allow them to take you where your heart and mind wants to go.

Each song title represents a thought-provoking idea like angels, ancient prophecies and life beyond the physical. Let the out of this world concepts activate new thoughts, options and possibilities beyond what you see with your eyes. Let the music activate a movie in your mind to help you visualize what you want in your life.


1) The Dream
Idea: Recognize messages and signs that come to you
Benefits: Identify your hidden resources for answers; Believe in synchronicity

Dreams are one way messages from the universe come to us. If you remain open then other signs and messages can come synchronistically from anywhere and anytime. Keep your eyes, ears, heart and mind open. Feel the excitement of when dreams speak to you and write it down or share it with someone. That excitement is a positive energy that can fuel your optimism.

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Recommended movies that motivate:
Dreamscape, I Heart Huckabees, The Secret

2) Out of Body Experience
Idea: Step outside yourself to see new options
Benefits: See new perspectives of your challenge; Maintain an open mind; See new options

When you are in a life or career challenge it is difficult to see solutions in your current state of mind. Stepping back and taking a break can do wonders to clear your head, stress and negative default behaviours. Learn to step outside yourself and see where you are, where you want to go and how you got there. New solutions and perspectives will automatically reveal themselves.

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Recommended movies that motivate:
X-Men Trilogy, The Frighteners, What The Bleep Do We Know?

3) 2012
Idea: Visualize a positive future
Benefits: Law of attraction in action; Feel more energized and positive; Attract goals

Throughout history there have been many prophecies and predictions made about our future. Many can be interpreted from an optimistic or pessimistic point of view. The ancient Mayans predicted that the earth would experience a dramatic shift by the year 2012. Will that prophecy be positive or negative? It is up to you how you want your future to be. Believe you always have the power to choose.

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Recommended movies that motivate:
The Day After Tomorrow, Minority Report

4) Crop Circle Suite
Idea: Be inspired by whatever source excites you
Benefits: Empower self-esteem and intuition; Get more energized

Whatever inspires you has value even if others around you do not support or believe in the source. Crop circles are a phenomenon around the world with theories of their creations stemming from natural occurrences, extraterrestrial influences to man-made hoaxes.

Whatever their origins they can inspire the imagination with their beauty. They inspired this instrumental track and inspired the movie “Signs” starring Mel Gibson. So if you find that people are not supporting you in something that activates your imagination always focus on what YOU believe.

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Recommended movies that motivate:
Signs, Moulin Rouge, A Beautiful Mind

5) Rain of Angels
Idea: Believe you are never alone
Benefits: Recognize help already around you; Resources to inspire perseverance

Throughout history the concept of celestial angels have appeared in cultures around the world. Religious artworks of various faiths also document the appearances of angelic beings watching over us.

Earth angels are also all around you. When you send a prayer or call for help out to the universe it listens and sends you messengers. Keep open to whoever it is that delivers the message. They may be total strangers or an expected friend. They may even be someone who has pushed your buttons! Believe these are earth angels come to help. Listen deeply to whatever they are saying and pointing out. And look carefully under the back of their coats, you may see the tips of their wings peeking out!

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Recommended movies that motivate:
The Pursuit of Happyness, As Good As It Gets, Wings of Desire, City of Angels, Michael, It’s A Wonderful Life

6) First Contact
Idea: Get energized for meeting new people
Benefits: Build your self-worth & self-esteem; People skills;

Meeting new people can be stressful for individuals. It is vital to overcome one’s fears to catch the opportunities new people you meet can offer. The primary step is to look deep in yourself to see all that you love and what is important to you has value. Remembering you have value builds your self-worth and self-confidence. That positive energy will then open you up to making effective first contacts with anyone anywhere.

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Recommended movies that motivate:
Contact, The Pursuit of Happyness, Bedazzled

7) Power Hug
Idea: Express yourself
Benefits: Understanding body energy; Intro to chakras; Seeing beyond the physical

There are many kinds of hugs. There are physical hugs we give to people and then energetic hugs in the form of gracious giving. Giving compliments and saying thank you is an energy hug. And taking time to treat yourself to something you love or love to do gives yourself a hug. Take time to give hugs to others and yourself.

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Recommended movies that motivate:
Powder, Phenomenon, The Secret

8 Remember…
Idea: Tap into your memory banks
Benefits: Identify your loops in life; Discover focal points of fragmenting self

Sometimes you need to go back in order to move forward. And when you access your memory banks you will see the richness stored there. Sometimes when we are stuck it is because of events that have happened to us growing up that shaped our present situations and challenges. Quiet meditation can allow you to travel back in time and access important memories needed to move you forward in life.

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Recommended movies that Motivate:
Citizen Kane, The Kid, Groundhog Day, 50 First Dates, Memento, Bourne Identity trilogy

9) Where Angels Kiss The Air
Idea: Believe in love and soul mates
Benefits: Build self-worth; Recognize value in passions; Having faith

The concept of love is multidimensional. Knowing and doing what you love can fill you with a powerful magnetic energy. Law of attraction is love attraction.

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Recommended movies that motivate:
Serendipity, What Dreams May Come, Made In Heaven

10) Time Capsule
Idea: Unearth history and learn from it
Benefits: Discover unexpected solutions; Understand your heritage and current problems deeper

Unearthing places and ideas on our world can become resources of inspiring information. We can learn from the accomplishments and mistakes from ancient civilizations like Egypt and the Mayan cultures. So research past civilizations that excite and interest you. Even mythical lands like Atlantis can fire up the imagination and open you up to new possibilities in life. History can be mirrors for unearthing your past accomplishments and mistakes so you can move forward in life.

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Recommended movies that motivate:
Indiana Jones series, Back To The Future series, Stargate

11) Spiritual Chocolate
Idea: Treat yourself with favourite foods and beverages
Benefits: Feel energized & blissful; Explore sensual benefits

Taking time to identify and indulge your passions once in awhile can energize your soul. Treating yourself not only lifts your positive state instantly but honours what you value in your life. So look at your favourite foods and beverages. Chocolate represents a timeless passion that can reflect your own personal preferences in life that mean something to you.

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Recommended movies that motivate:
Chocolat, Big Night, Tampopo, Stranger Than Fiction, Ratatouille

12) Rain of Angels Reprise

Idea: Take quiet time for yourself
Benefits: Clear thoughts & stress; See fresh perspectives; Feel more energized

The power of quiet time and mediation can do wonders for the spirit. It allows one to alter a state of mind from stressful heaviness to clarity lightness. Peaceful music is one resource while many others are useful like: taking a walk, being in nature or a favourite tea or coffee shop.

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Recommended movies that motivate:
Stranger Than Fiction, Local Hero, I Heart Huckabees, What The Bleep Do We Know?